Web Development

Web-DevelopmentThe Internet represents one of the fastest growing industries in the entire world, and web development strategies must constantly adapt in order to survive. The constantly changing landscape that the Internet represents means that web developers cannot let themselves lose track of current trends on the technology market. These trends can take any number of forms, but there are a few key elements of good development that should have an eye kept on at all times: language trends and device compatibility.

  • Knowing Your Languages– An excellent web developer should have one or two development languages in which they can comfortably and quickly create content. These languages form the code through which the web service will be rendered. Some of the most common development languages are:
    HTML5/CSS3      PHP    Java    XML
  • Complex web development often requires cross-platform knowledge of several different languages. For this reason, it is highly beneficial to be professionally proficient at more than one, and to be functionally comfortable with most. A developer never knows when they may find themselves in need of a different language, usually because of working with another developer in order to appease a client.
  • Good Web Services Are Compatible– – In the early days of the Internet, there were a great number of websites and services that were not compatible with certain computers, devices, and operating systems. If these programs could run at all, they would generally do so poorly and not provide a very reliable user experience. Many people do not update to the very latest model of hardware or software to access the web. For this reason, an excellent web development team has to ensure that their products are compatible with all of the most common mobile and desktop devices on the market, including those that may be in fashion.